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Work-Life Management Training provides an innovative and practical business framework to maximize excellence in your life. Many similarities exist between managing your life and managing a business. On a personal level, the bottom- line involves happiness and fulfillment. In the business arena, the bottom-line is synonymous with increased earnings and market share. In both cases, the means used to attain the desired results are critical. LQM™ training classes are designed to help you become your very best in all facets of life. It is feasible to accomplish far more than arduously "keeping the balls in the air" as you live your life.

. Be fulfilled
. Make your dreams come true
. Impact someone's life
. Enjoy meaningful relationships
. Feel joy
. Have a purposeful career
. Embrace quality in living

Judith Paul Jackson, as the creator of the LQM™ system, brings over seventeen years of successful tenure in sales and account development with notable corporate giants such as: Macmillan Inc., American Express Company and Bank of America. Judith skillfully executed powerful and proven business strategies throughout her career in the fast-paced and competitive corporate arena. She learned to effectively apply business savvy to manage her personal life. A business approach is focused and result-oriented when managing life components that include:

. Self (Mind, Body, Spirit)
. Family/ Career ( integration)
. Community
. Society (issues and obligations)

Judith's warmth, enthusiasm, and sharing of experiences reach out to embrace audiences. Her unparalleled passion for professional and personal development and the belief that every individual can choose to thrive is motivating, inspiring, and contagious.


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