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Your Challenges
Living your life is a challenge. Don't feel like you're alone because all of us are well acquainted with ongoing:

. Demands
. Frustrations
. Emotional pain
. Disappointments
. Struggles
. Physical pain
. Fears

The above only represents the short list of obstacles. In spite of everything, your life is extremely valuable. This is true regardless of your:

. Circumstances
. Appearance
. Mistakes
. Race
. Economic status
. Sexual orientation
. Age
. Job description
. Marital status
. Gender
. Self- perception

The great news is that you're breathing and alive with choices. The very next choice you make can change your life forever. Consider this suggestion.
Choose to manage the quality of your life:

. Deliberately
. Consciously
. Actively
. Relentlessly
. Forcefully
. Passionately

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